Career Stories

Saija Saarenpää, Passionate Code Whisperer, Vincit

Career Story, Women's day edition 2020

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How did you find IT-sector?
I studied Information Technology in Tampere University of Technology and I majored in software engineering and hypermedia. Besides Master's degree I studied Graphic Design in Helsinki Design School.

I was thinking about studying to be a graphic designer already in high school but then I got inspired of software development in one optional course, because it was just so interesting. Then my dad brought me the study guide for Tampere University of Technology where I found my major program.

I also decided to study Graphic Design because it was easy to fulfill my original dream besides working as a developer and it is also extremely useful in my work. In software there is a lot of graphic design in user interfaces (UI).

How did you start your working career and ended up working for Vincit?
I already started working during 4th year of my studies. There is a lot of interesting job opportunities for students. I have a passion for working as an expert and my career development has been deepening and widening my skillset and ability to take on more challenging projects.

I have been interested in seeing different kinds of organizations and ways of working. This has been the primary reason for me to switch jobs. To Vincit I came to experience how is it like to work in flat and non-bureaucratic organization. In Vincit we enhance self-management and autonomy of the teams. IT-companies compete for the best talent and that is why they also put a lot of effort into employee wellbeing. This is obviously great for us people who work here.

Your typical day?
I can ”design” my own workdays and for me the coffee cup in the morning enjoyed next to my table is essential. Evening coffee I enjoy with my lovely colleagues. I can work flexible hours, from office or home and I can make independent decisions considering my work.

What is the best thing considering your current job?
I can do independent and creative problem solving. I can plan technical decisions by myself or with my project team. The best thing are the great people I am working with. After studying Graphic Design my work has become even more versatile, creative and comprehensive. For this I want to thank the client, who trusted my know-how even when I was not even graduated yet.

What kind of person is fit for IT-sector?
Often there is a strong emphasis on mathematical skills when we discuss technical stuff. I think it is not that important, but you do need logical reasoning skills. Most important is to be curious and enthusiastic, and have will to solve problems and constantly learn new stuff.

Your greetings to the girls or women considering a career in IT?
This is a great field of work regardless of gender. Do not be afraid to jump in to the technical field. Just experiment and explore, if you are interested!