ITclusive is a grass-roots, developer to developer, designer to designer, IT-person to Non-IT-person movement in the Finnish IT-scene that actively seeks new ways of promoting diversity and inclusion. We share the best practices and initiatives undertaken in all of our companies and create new opportunities to act together across company borders.

We do not limit our actions to the industry itself, we also want to promote a new bias-free approach to career counseling and STEM (Science, Technology and Math) in schools. We are redefining our role models, breaking the stereotypes of our industry.

We do not have a fixed agenda and we’ve just started – we’re open to new ideas and we’re ready to act. Let us know if you’re interested in joining the movement or if you need help. Drop a line or come and meet us at the events listed below.




We are already active in the Greater Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu regions if you have a panel discussion, conference or event… and need someone(s) to share ideas on how to promote diversity and inclusion in IT or if you just need bias-free role models for your company, school class or career event.

We are a non-profit movement with no political ties and we do not compete with existing diversity and inclusion NGOs and initiatives – we support them.



#ITclusive meeting

Helsinki , Finland

Roadmap 2020 at Solita

Roadmap 2020 at Solita